The Monk

Alone in isolation
Away from all known civilization
There lived a monk
Personal reflections with the sacraments
Devotion to Jesus Christ
He hides in humble seclusion
Works in the garden
Strawberries with nectar of honey
He never had a greed or a thirt for money
Lover of life and love for the arts
Wearing long robes with a cross
The monk had a secret place he used to go
Under his bed there was a secret passage way
inside was filled with beautiful paintings and writings
He was a secret artist and poet
The monk would paint until his hearts content
Alone by himself in his own hermitage
He would rise only for dinner
To visit the other monks go figure
No one knew of his fantasy world excursion
One day a petition was made
The holy monk order would allow people to visit
They would also be allowed inside the monks room
A young lad crawled under the monks bed
He took out a scroll with very ancient writings on it
The elder monk was then questioned by his superiors
The scroll was based upon a forbidden city
Near the gate of hell
Inside were demonic beings let loose
Creatures to invade your very reason
The monk in question was deeply ashamed
but instead of leaving he was very brave and stayed
Said he would be on his best behavior & behave
The secret scroll would leave a chill down your spine
For now the monk wallows in his locked in memories in his mind.

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