Money Tree

I need a metaphorical axe cause im boutta  cut down this hypothetical money tree do  you feel me... I need empathy cause when i grab this axe imma start  choppin down this tree until it falls thus  giving everyone the chance to reap the  rewards this axe shall provide the  way to the promise land like moses and  that tree will be the plush  land waiting to be used at the mercy of the  ones who tend to it chop one will be the most beautiful sound  ever cause with that first swing i realize as  the poor guy that once i hack this down my  troubles will disappear this tree is the only thing i've needed  and since i got the oppurtunity to chop this  down and get this money cant no one take  nothing from me but my troubles and them  you can have chop 2 the thirst is great i cant wait till i  feel the paper in my hand matter of fact the  truest form of cotton because im in a bad  situation you cant convince me money is  rotten i need it i want it im close now i got  it 3 chops and im able to say timber its falling  time to get that money baby first thing  imma buy is a way outta the ghetto second  thing imma buy is a new life for my mama  third thing imma buy is world peace with  the money from my chopped down  money tree that i cut down  with my axe that represents  exacty where I am at I am that dreamer  who sees the way out without the means I  am that individual with the power to push  the boundries but lack of skill to dodge the  obstacles I am that guy but hey i chopped  down one hypothetical money tree with  one metaphorical axe so let me re-plant the  seed so one day like me someone with  dreams can cut down there own money  tree.


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