Money So Honey (Money Makes Me Think)

Man i hate money.
You know what I'm sayin' money?
This stuff is too damn funny.
We struggle from the womb to the tomb
Just to get to this money.
We dream of the life sweet as honey.
Diamond rings and fancy things,
shiny things and matte black beamers.
We try to be leaders.
For the wealth and the power.
We waste our time working hour on hour.
And as we move along the sweet turns sour.
But we still want to taste it.
This beautiful life we waste it.
For that beautiful faceade, we chase it.
The money it makes me selfish.
The money man it's reckless.
"Money over eveything."
Yeah I've heard that before.
Sounds good when you're rich,
What happens when you're poor?

I swear sometimes I don't want it anymore.
Maybe I could settle down in a small town,
Marry a pretty woman wearing a pretty white gown.
Have a few kids and watch them all run around.
But let's face it.
That's not real shit.
Because admit it or not,
You super fine chicks
Wanna see a man super rich
Whether or not you admit
To you the money matters.
So while I'm climbbing these ladders,
You sit there and watch.
And pray I don't fall,
So when the stack gets tall,
You'll come around saying you want it all.
Saying you want my heart.
Bet your mind would change if I was working at Wal-Mart.
I swear this life is hard.
Money makes it harder.
I talked to my mom tonight.
The budget's real tight.
She's telling me to watch my wallet.
But she does'nt know
I'm out here skipping a meal a day
Just to make it to May.
Man I hate money.
But Ima chase it anyway.
Ima make some moves today.
Because that life is so sweet.
That life is so honey.
Its sad but
In this life,
You can't do shit,
Without money.


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