Money Dictates my Future?

My college career is riding on financial aid, 7 college acceptances can all go down the drain.

Only my dad is working, but there's 3 mouths to feed. Plus my older sister, nephew 

and all the relatives that seem to be in need. My college tuition shouldn't be on my dad's 

shoulder's. Who got laid off and losing his job in 3 years. Who has to pay for the food on the 

table, pays when the car breaks down, pays all the doctors bills, insurance, heat, electric and 

phone. My family wants better for me to achieve my dreams. But when my dream school

cost 32,000 and they're only offering 2 loans of 2,000 that dream will keep being a dream.

I always tell myself failure is not an option, but being on my own in the next few months..

insurance.. phone.. car.. food.. I'm running out of options. I hope financial aid gets the full

family picutre before they tell you how much your EFC (estimated family contribution)

which is based off an income that doesn't tell the full story..




A poem about having enough money for college.

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