Sat, 11/05/2016 - 22:03 -- hande

Baby, you’re not a million dollars
If you were then you wouldn’t be mine
You’d be in the stores I've visited
The restaurants I ate at
You’d be tucked away in a safe place for no one to marvel at


No, you’re more than that
You’re not money
Money has no meaning compared to you
You’re the stars in the sky
The air I breathe
You’re a wonderful piece


If I could choose between you and a million bucks
I wouldn’t hesitate on my choice
Money can buy me an ear
But you’re always here
Money can buy me comfort
But you’re who brings me happiness
There’s no comparing


I want to show you off to the world
and then hold you close
Money I can show
and then it’s gone for someone else
But you I can keep
And I wouldn’t give you away for things
I don’t want anyone to have you 
Because you’re mine


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