An average Monday after school

I just want to get home; this rain is killing my mood.

The bleak sky opens up like tears

The raindrops pitter-patter on my windshield.

The melodic moisture is inducing sleep,

I turn on Ellie Goulding to break the humdrum beat.

Jamming to Ellie, not a care in the world,

Uh-oh. What was that?

My life has flipped upside down, I feel like I can hurl.

The screeching of tires,

The jerk of the wheel,

The impact of the collision,

Skidding to a stop is the only thing I feel.

My nerves and anxiety are at an all time high,

Oh, great. A Mercedes Benz.

Keep it in, Katie. Do not cry.

The red and blue blinding lights approach the scene

I just keep praying this is only a dream.

No injuries or tickets are issued that day,

No physical pain, just emotionally drained.

All that remains from that fateful day:

Daunting memories of the impact,

Thick, black scratches on his Benz,

And blue citations as a constant reminder.

My brother’s beat up Honda, completely destroyed,

My “average” Monday: an utter joy. 


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