Mommy, Mommy!

Mommy’s car is white

I get into my car seat

Then Mommy drives

Oh! Hello Mr. Sun!

He’s so yellow and bright.

She stops the car

And I get outside


The ground is soft

Tap. Tap. Tap.

I touch—so slippery

Whish. Whish. Whish.

The sand falls

Little by little


I stand up and let go of Mommy’s hand.

I run to the swing

So high—air is fast

I skip over to the slide

It’s shiny and smooth

Hands in the air

And Swish! I go


Monkey bars are over there

They are shiny too!

But they are blue

Stretch… stretch… stretch

I'm so tall!

I run over to Mommy

I point at the bars

Did she see what I did?


Mommy laughs and hugs me

Sky is orange now

It’s so pretty

Mommy says its time to go

Bye Mr. Sun!

Today, I had lots of fun


Mommy’s car is still white

Does it ever change color?

Like the sun?

I know I will get to play again

Mommy likes to see me play

Maybe tomorrow…


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