Sun, 09/01/2013 - 10:54 -- bprater

Oh, Mommy,
Why must you
Look at me like that?
Your tearful gaze
Forever lingers
In the recesses
Of my subconscious.

Oh, Mommy
Why do you cry
Clutching your heart?
Your withered form
Curling in
As your body

Oh, Mommy,
Why you
So sad?
Didst not the flower
Cheer you up,
Even the

Oh, Mommy,
What is that,
In your hand?
Please stop, Mommy,
Don’t put it to your head!
I still
Need you!

Oh, Mommy,
Why are your
Tears so red?
Please answer me.
Why do you
Ignore me so?

Oh, Mommy,
Why’d ya
Have to leave me
In this cold place
I’m so….
So scared, Mommy.

I love you Mommy
I’ll miss you Mommy
Wish I could
See you soon
So wait for me
I won’t be long
I love you Mommy.

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