Momma's Girl

In this crazy chaotic world, I can rest assured I am my momma's girl.

Strong, capable, beautiful, smart, just like my mom.

For a woman named Wendy nothing knocks her down, she's my rock.

No matter what I do wrong, her forgiveness has no limits.

With mom's support my dreams are limitless.

Her beauty and confidence is quiet, never boastful, a reminder of God's splendor.

I carry her genetics, laced with God's fingerprints.

She gives me bravery, something to believe in.

No matter how dark, she always finds a spark.

When I need a intelligent, beautiful, playful, Godly woman, I know where to find it.

I just look up.

I have my Dad's body, but my Momma's spirit.

Bodies are meaningless, it's what's inside it.

And that is one hundred percent Mom.

She gave me my love for words,

Stories read followed by a kiss,

She's why I do this.

I'm full of imperfections, but she sees beauty in my reflection

I'm so lucky to have her.

When my world is covered in cracks and splinters,

Her love helps me remember,

I am Momma's Girl.

This poem is about: 
My family
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