To believe the impossible is possible makes me unstoppable to stop at all obstacles that only scream fall when I intend to vault. No need for a halt. That's what momma always told me. My lessons were obsessions and confessions that I let sculpt me and unfold me to mold me to be the unique human being with beauty and words that branch out like trees. Believe me I've felt the impact of being off . I thought that maybe life could teach me but I rather go through the salt . It hurts to not understand without the helping hands that pulled me from quick sand and I'm quick saying thank you for the praying and making pavements for being the brightest raisin and it's amazing.  I can't stop thanking you ma! You did It by yourself and it shows that you don't need a backbone or a belt . Where you go in life despite the fight and tears cried and false lies and tongue ties we tried to compromise it matters if we make it out alive. If our dreams scream for reality and if we make it to be the people society wants to see! So It's my destiny but I have to thank my momma for being here on this journey. Every penny couldn't fit in the jar because your heart is the fortune that is worth a lot. Every lesson was an incision to my decision and I'm thinking how defeated I’d be to not see and speak about the future I wanna shape from history I've achieved. But there's  no I in team. I just thank my mom for being the best cheerleader for me.


This poem is about: 
My family


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