In a Moment or Two

In a Moment or Two.


Dear Friend I Miss You,

It’s Hard To Believe;

Life’s Journey You’ve Left,

And Our Lord’s to Receive.


His Love and Protection,

No Pains Will You Bear;

In The Home He’s Prepared,

For His Loved One’s He’ll Care.


Though My Heart Is In pain,

At The Emptiness Here;

That’s Left Now You’re Gone,

I Know Jesus Is Near.


To Comfort Those Left,

His Spirit Precedes;

With The Love That He Feeds Us,

Through Bereavement He Leads.


But Life’s All Too Short,

And I Know That I Too;

Will Be With You Again,

In A Moment or Two.


As Time Has No Measure,

And In My Lord’s Care I Leave;

My Life To Unfold,

And To Heaven Receive.

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