This is the Moment

There is this moment, 
When your body hits the water,
And you feel free.

You curve your own way,
Pushing and pulling,
Moving and shaking,
Water rolling past you.

A sudden realization,
To come up and breathe,
You rise from the depths,
Of the water.

There isn't anyone who can touch you.

There isn't anything that can harm you.

There isn't a moment not recorded.

It's this emotion,
So undeniable yet so...

The water is your enemy,
Once penetrated,
But as your curl your fingers,
Kick your legs, 
It becomes your friend.

You fight, 
But you make up.

You smile,
And it lets you pass.

It doesn't matter where,
The water is.
The ocean,
A pool,
A lake,
A river,
A waterfall.

It's pristine,
Crystal clear.
Heavy, dense,
But beautiful.

The water is unbeatable,
But don't let it control you. 
It's a continuous war,
This friendship,
And it will never end.

So breathe.
Let the water,
Move over you,
Under you,
Around you.

Feel the cold warmth,
Seep into your skin,
Your pores,
Your heart.

This is the moment,
That you love best.
This is the moment,
When you have awakened,

This is the moment,
That you are born.


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