ModestyIt's more than justWhat women wearI've begun to thinkWe just don't careThe sexual objectificationOf a woman's bodyReinforced by a reducedDefinition of modestyIt's about more Than just your bodyIt's about knowing your self-worthFrom your birthYou were taught to cover upTo hide your bodyTo discardYour natural sexualityWhen in realityIt's about revealing your dignityDressing immodestlyWill get you attentionFrom swine and not menThe way you dressIs a way to impressUpon othersWho you areWithout using wordsAnd words without honestyAre the same asBeauty without modesty"Modest is hottest"Teaches girlsThey are sexual objectsIn need of coveringLies!To dress modestIs not for the approval of othersIt's for God and for yourselfModesty is more thanThe length of a skirtIt's a way of lifeThe heart behind the actionImmodestyIs a distractionFrom GodA reactionfrom living in an imperfect worldIt stems from self-satisfactionCreating a chain reactionYou will receive unwanted attractionDissatisfactionPeople say the church had an overreaction becauseModesty is changingBut does it have to be"Itsy bitsy"?


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