Modern Market

Tue, 10/01/2013 - 22:43 -- a.lee1


Behold the crafty

Market of the age of achievers

Watch as they plunder, ambush,

And destroy

Stealing one another's dreams

Has become a habit

Just another part of business

Another family falling,

A businessman worshipped,

Bonuses given

Trust betrayed,

Hope crushed,

Sympathy withheld,

Broken is the will

Of the customer

And fat is the broker

With the spoils of his victory

Lament the fools

Condemn the liars

Pray for the system

Tears and foreclosure

Are not the ending,

But the beginning of an unhappy tale

To the cheater

Goes the spoils,

And honest men

Have nothing but the dust

On their feet to

Call their own

Sad is the situation

Sadder is the cause

To those that run it;

Enjoy the modern market

Soon, it will topple

And you will suffocate

Beneath your own wages

And death will treat you

Just like those you

Took advantage of

You will be equals soon enough,

If in nothing but death

And Judgment


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