The Modern Jabberwocky

What if the vorpal sword was real?

Could it kill the jabberwocks of today?

could it cut them up 

and lay them down

in a forgotten tomb for those filleted?


contention, evil, hate

what if the vorpal sword could cut them up

and be the bane to their existence?


What if the vorapl sword was real?

Could it slay the jaberwocks around us?

with eyes of flame

these jaberwocks came

and now they're leaving no survivors.


hunger, closed mindedness, pain

what if those flames could cook them up,

and solve all this world hunger?


What if the vorapl sword was real?

How can we destroy these jabberwocks?!

like a hydras head

they come back from dead

and the evil is worse than before we started!


anger, malice, lust

what if we could turn them all to dust,

and fix every single heartbreak


What if the vorpal sword was real?

"Please someone show us where to find it!"

i know where

and now ill share

because the vorpal sword is real


voice, speech, words

we use these blades everyday,

but without love our swords not vorpal..



This poem is about: 
My family
My community
My country
Our world


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