Modern Day History

Mon, 07/08/2013 - 15:18 -- Za'Kari

My Unlce Sam is a true G. Not a gangsta but the capitol of greed. Perhaps I can incite a moment of clarity for you to see; the truth is, from the British we were never freed.

Independence day is just a lie that we believed. 

Let’s start with our names. These are tools pooled in the system to keep track of us as slaves. See, it’s an evolved form, not like the old ways, now anyone is allowed to pull various hour ‘work days’. Owners were tired of being betrayed by those who ran away afraid. So they changed the collar to a key chain.

And what is that attached to? A series of alloy utensils used to attract you. Its all about the wavering of the mind and they use advertisement to persuade you every time. 

Regardless to cold or hot, you will labor for them, whether you like it or not. Rain sleet or snow, this putrid system for money is all these people know. As brothers you are mine and I’ll stay true and use these gifts to make sure we don’t fall behind. The moral of a book would never be written on the spine, so why do you think the masters would cross that line and blatantly display what they’ve been planning this whole time?

Life is the only true mystery. Trace back the source of our suffering and our misery. 


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