A Model

Twas a beautiful girl who was a model

With a figure like a nice glass bottle

Was the coolest person you’d ever meet

And always so sweet like a candy treat

She was forever having someone take her pics

But she never had time for little tricks

Nails, toes, lips, and clothes were bright and pink

She had no desire for body ink

Skin so beautiful and soft as a rose

She was always ready to strike a pose

Twasnt like the other models who were stuck up

She drank from her cup with her pinky up

All the boys liked her and wanted to date

But too bad, so sad, it wasn’t there fate.

She had a boyfriend, who was a cute thug

When she saw him she desired a hug.

Her eyelashes were so beautifully long

It really made one want to sing her a song

Occasionally she wore big tall heels

You would never catch her in ugly teals

Now you know about our pretty princess

The most beautiful and bravest actress.

Shall we move on and meet the others now?

And as the model walks past you must bow.


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