MLK didn't die for this

Sun, 01/25/2015 - 08:57 -- bemni


"MLK died for this"
Funny how time can change murder into punchlines
And make martyrs out of men who didn't mean to die for their dreams
No, he had events planned
People to see
Music to hear
He had planned to kiss his wife when he got home
Play hopscotch with his kids
Give them baths and silly tickles
And help them with their math homework 
Watch them graduate into adults
Walk his daughters down the aisle
Holding back tears as he let them go
He planned to see sunsets and grandkids
And see the world unfold
Into the beautiful country
That he had donated 
13 years into reshaping

Many awards he received 
The heaviest 
The medal of martyrdom
That he received as soon
As the bullet tumbled into his jaw
And out with his future

The blood that soaked into the motel floor 
Was not completely scrubbed out
A trail leaking through history
Merging and twisting 
Gathering names as it goes
The roll call exceeding its expectations 
Taking boys with painted dreams
And college degrees 
And men with familes that have yet to figure out when they can breathe

And now the trail has become bold
And while you joke about the murder of one of the greatest men in history
And have the audacity to assume that he gave his head for your corny tweet
It continues it's hit list

Unity is the only way to wage battle upon this river of tears
The many who realize this are taking a stand
But their voices are drowned out by the few like you who aren't even grateful for the life given to you by others

MLK didn't mean to die for this
None of them did

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