Mizani (Swahili for "Balance")

My back is arched,
arms outstretched,
fingers touching the heavens,
until it spews forth its pearls;
the weight of the world
I eagerly toss to the winds.
A rebirth,
for serenity I thirst,
and the rocks gives me cool water
that I may press on...press on
past pain, past pity, past oppression,
to a calling that is higher.

My feet are set to pace
for an exodus from the rat race
to the haven of my native land;
from burning barren lands
to the soul of the motherland,
I cry out with birth pangs
as new dreams are born,
afterwards, I'll make my sojourn
in the land flowing with
milk and honey,...flowing,
nurturing my dreams with the
pure milk of faith.

Mind and spirit lies in balance,
no longer in dissonance,
release my yoke into God's hands,
accepting beauty for ashes,
given duty for crutches,
horizons are new every morning,
teaching me to be content in all things
to be all that I am and ever will be
as a child of the great I AM.
Amidst a world of tragedy,
I've known joy and beauty...
I am joy and beauty.

poise to hold my head up high
even as darkness draws nigh.

equilibrium to bear the tides
in a valley deep and wide.

knowing that as a child of the great I AM,
that I can stand, knowing that I am
in balance.


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