Mixed Signals

Signals tangled and dead-end

Feelings, hot, cold, stranded

Honesty will stop my guessing

Because honestly this is depressing

I never know your intention

If your hearts somewhere else,

Then put mine on correction

This may be what has me stuck

Clarity is all I crave

Cause while you might want to run,

I am looking for the save

My moods are constantly up and down

Following these signals of doubt

Why do you say yes but show no?

Just tell me the truth of whether to go

All I am waiting for is the key words

The words that will evaporate those,

Mixed signals of yours

Please open those shut doors

Tell me what is the truth

So my mind will be able to sooth

Thinking is all I know how to do

But it’s up to you to put that to an end

So I can finally just be with you......


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