The things i wrote made the girl of my dreams love me

But the things i said made her doubt me

My whole life has been full of irony

And im sick of it So im forgoing an undertaking

So u cant compare me to the other man

That i used to be People never understood my music

Saying my messages are to sublimal that they will never understand it

Damn i guess no one wants to hear the thoughts of a sad boy Ive always just wanted to stay true

But now im lying just to get through

Get through the dark nights where my thoughts could drive the sane man insane

The nights where the bottle of Hennessy is just an armreach away

The things that are bad for the heart

Are the things that are good for the art

No one understands what im going through

My scars write their own stories their own lullabies

But u could never fall asleep to the writing of mine

Im dying inside

But this music is the only thing keeping me alive

Im sorry to all the people that used to adore me

They say my music is so poetic, but baby that aint my story

My story is the story of a sad kid

The only thing he loved was the girl that made his heart rush

But now shes gone and it's like someone stole his paintbrush

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