The Misunderstood

Stuck in a world with no liberal peace

Trapped in this skin , making it hard to think

Free my mind

Tell me to speak mind

I can do that just fine

but i'm still not guranteed to win the prize

of a scholarship to college

all though slavery was abolished

some wish , chains and shackles should still be here

watching as another teen dies every year




speak my mind ? For what for it will just go unheard

they hear but don't understand my words

the misunderstood , i speak for them , looking in the faces of so many weak and brittle faces

they feel like there is no more places to go

so, they continue to travel and roam down the same road

of no hope

i hope that they'll see, that their is bigger things

and no limit to what we can be

a country, a undivided team

but we are all limited

because as a nation we can never learn to agree

they want war while others want peace

I want no violence because I have been haunted every since I saw my cousin get murdered at sixteen

while others didn't understand the gred and still shouted out harsh and racial things

so i said i needed a change but it's only one me

they judge, they lie, they'll never understand

the mistunderstood ,

the ones you pass everyday

the ones you doubt in every way

the ones who are misunderstood

because whats understood is that we need a change


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