Misty Millenniums

In life we are given many tokens of worldly greatness,
Staring us in the eyes through a mist,
A dark fog with nowhere to see anything in front of us,
Except for those objects that are inanimate.

To be able to see through this veil,
Many will need the illuminating inanimate object,
But for most, They will need knowledge,
God's greatest gift to man.

Without this gift,
We would all be lost in this dark and shady abyss for good.
This knowledge is given each and every day;
To provide light at the end of the tunnel.
Not a light with verbal cues of a horn coming from a train,
But a light that glows brightest above all.

Knowledge is the head CEO of your Memory Bank,
Taking control of what thoughts and ideas you deposit,
What sights and wonders you recall from a withdrawal,
And gives you a fresh outlook on life for tomorrow's new dawn.

With this sheriff in town,
There is no other greater than he.
Knowledge is given to all,
Some more than others,
But when this mighty man of miracles takes away light like this,
Be prepared to see failure.

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Our world
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