Mistress! Mistress! How do you make him dance?


South Africa

We laugh like open casket, at an end of a gathering
our silence is a graveyard to our love.
Our bed a reminder that ghosts exist
Our intimacy a final proclamation that the dead can not enjoy the benefits of the living.
We are at the beginning of an end
The final song to Satan's rule.
The rapture of our orgasm is an alarming clock that our time is up and we were never home....
You wrapped your heart in cages only she can decode. Her, the ghost woman who have always owned your heart.
In cuddling, your heart beats messages that are never mine to receive.
I swear if we openned your heart, dust it for fingerprints, we would find everybody's except mine.
So in the night, I dance in the language of gods to heal my bruise heart.

Mistress! Mistress how do you make him dance??? The song continues to play
(2017- 12 - 10)

This poem is about: 
My country
Our world


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