From a mistake to a success


 I am from my birth mothers choice to give me up for adoption. I am from her realization that drugs were more important than me. Her mistakes have taught me right from wrong. The person that she is, is the person I will never be. I am from her selfishness and her mistakes.

I am from my adoptive parents love and selflessness. I am from the morals that they instilled in me. They took me in when I did not have a home. They taught me how to trust. I learned from them what true love is. I am from my parents guiding, teaching, accepting, loving, and caring for me.

 I am from the smallest moments that have made the biggest impact on my life. I am from a mistake and every mistake that I have made; every piece of advice I have received; every lesson I have been taught the hard way; every experience I have had, has contributed to the strong, independent, self-sufficient, successful young woman that I am today.


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