As I walk through the hallways everyday,

I am completely surrounded.

I am overwhelmed by a sea of strange people and faces,

Though some are familiar, I always have nothing to say.


I listen to words spoken by my closest classmates,

Talk of constant slander and gossip

But once again I am mute,

As I try to ignore the words of self-absorbed hate.


They are my friends, but are they?

I watch them type away on social media as teenagers do

I watch them plan all of their exclusive parties

I am not a part of them,but  yet I stay.


I am distant, I am an outsider

I am not a part of this world, but a greater one

I see past their small, selfish world, and I look ahead

I am different, because I have been made an outlier.


I cannot make a name for myself as they wish to do

For I have been called by a Name that is above my own,

So, therefore, I cannot contain myself within their realm of life,

Because I have been called by something high and true.


I look at people differently now

I see them not as a mere ocean of strangers, but as unique individuals,

Beautiful products of the Creator

My duty is to reach out to them, but how?


I will no longer watch and sit

I will fully surrender my future and goals,

I will call on Him, and never lose faith

For I have lost my life, so that one day I will find it.














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