Missing Them


You leave when you are told

Come back when you're expected

I hope you truly  know how much

You are respected

You fight for the country

Not thinking about your life

Wishing you could be with your wife

Your 4 kids miss you dearly

One is always even teary

They love you so

Want you to know

They will always remember you

A good father indeed

The kids get what they need

Coming home waiting for you is a divorce

Without your control your kids move away

Not knowing if you're here to stay

They miss you now than ever before

Seeing how strong and courageous you are

Kids are gone and wife at work

Missing everyone of them

Talking to them once a month

Not nearly enough as could be done

Excluding all the issues at home

Talking only about school on the phone

Fearing you have to go back leaving your wife home alone

Another child to care for and gone a lot

Missing her with everything you've got

Fighting tears at night because you are a man

Crying is a weakness and wouldn't be right

When you see your kids its like masks

All are hiding behind

Making you more sad knowing hours are timed

You wonder if they have missed you
Knowing you have missed them so

Wondering why things go downhill

Wanting so much just to take a headache pill

The joy it brings your children to see you is phenomenal

But not a word is said

From you nor them

It hurts so bad to

Recognize the true feelings

Remembering the kids do love you

No matter what

Requiring no thought at all to it

You know this by now

They tell you over and over

You seem to know inside

But still like to hear it over again and again

Maybe this time there is no pretend

Having to deal with this is crazy

Remember they will always be your baby

Knowing the next time you see them is Christmas

Counting the days to see them again

Missing them with every vein within



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