Missing Piece

Without you, my life is lost

I realized that when yours was the cost.

All the memories, I bearly remember,

Now everything is as cold as December.

I never knew what it was like to live without you,

Now I have no clue on what to do.

There we were side by side

And I knew I had no reason to hide.

But one day, I looked up and you weren't there,

And I said, "Come back, I'll be a good sister, I swear!"

I never meant to make you mad, I never did

After all, you have to realize I was just a kid.

You're my best friend, 'till death do us part;

If anything, you hold the key to my heart.

You protecting me, is doing more than you should,

You're my hero, just by doing more than you could.

Days passed and you never returned

That day was the horrific day I learned,

Which God had a plan all this time;

But I never knew life would be such a climb.

I miss you so much you don't even know,

It's like growing up has become so slow.

Thinking upon all the things you'll miss,

If only I could give you one last kiss.

I miss you to death, my dearest brother:

To me, our family, there will never be another.

Once again, this is not goodbye;

I now know, it was just your time to fly.

But one day, I'll see you again,

And once more be as happy as we've ever been.

'Till then, my sweetest brother, I love you so,

When we meet again, you'll see more than you'll ever know.

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