I see her staring at me, I reflected back at her who and what I saw... the vagabond she was.

I see her innocent eyes pleading to me to make me a home for her.

I hear her soul whisper "will you accept me"

I hear her cry out in agony when I refused her and created a wave "please accept me." I settled and slowly she came in.

I taste her tears as it pours down her eyes when she surrenders her all to me.

I taste sweetness when she put a smile on her face as the bitterness she came with floated to the top the deeper she sank, then, I realized she wanted more than a home, she wanted a final destination.

I touch her as I pierce through her nose to her brain painfully, to awaken her from the vile thought that I was the most peaceful place to be.

I touch her as I clogged her throat refusing her air in order to decrease her desire to sink, her soul cried for air and comfort, but she had a smile on and continued to sink.

I smell her joyful breath as she lets it out the minute she settles lifeless at the bottom.

I smell her hearts sadness and regrets when her perished body began to float to the top to re-unite with the pain, anger and troubles she sunk to depart from.

I feel misunderstood, I offered an escape and she made it a grave.

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