I do not want to live the life she lived

For the pain and suffering she has grieved

I hear the tears she cries at night

For all her life she barely saw the light

Misery was her best friend throughout her life

And it didn’t leave her when she became a wife

So strong a woman I have never seen

What a fool I have been

Till today her heart is broken

From all the things she’s seen, left unspoken

If the sin committed by Eve could be reversed

Then the faith of all women would not be so cursed

I dream of the day I’ll be a dove

Have someone all to myself and love

Look into his eyes and be connected

For the world is ours but we don’t need it

I do not want to communicate with words

For this language limits, like a melody with chords

I do not want us to express how we feel

For expecting the other to understand would be ideal

I want to embrace one another

And our feelings to be transferred like static to the other

I want equality, love and respect

But most of all I want to connect

At the spiritual level, where our souls are one

Yin and yang, bullets and a gun



One of my favorite poems.

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