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  Dear Love,

You were an arrogant, blundering fool,

with no respect for others.

My eyes burned with anger to the fiery depths of my soul

did I hate your pride.

You found excuses to talk to me,

to try to put together the puzzle piece.

I countered with my mental game,

full of witty remarks and sarcasm galore.

Little did I know that I loved you,

All these feelings jumbled in my head.

The game was changing,

I started to noticing the way your mind worked:

the way you moved,

how you crafted the facade of disdain.

My mind screaming in the midst of all these thoughts to stay strong.

But, I was falling hard.

I knew to love you would go against all good  judgment,

but, is it really all the great if it can’t include you in it?


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