I should have known.

My heart never fails to end with an empty feeling.

Why must I torture myself?

Pushing these confusing feelings away,

when it is the emotions I wish to experience the most.

I act as if they are a nuisance,

but when it is too late,

and feelings can no longer be received,

they are the feelings I long for the most.

I feel a knife pierce my heart,

as you sever the bond we once had.

Reality fading away with the wind,

no longer having a purpose,

because you are not in my life.

What is there to live for?

I had given you my heart,

wanting you to understand that,

you are my breath, my sense of living.

Yet, you crush my soul and keep the pieces,

not allowing the wounds you left me to heal.

As I sit alone,

with the scarce amount of pieces you left me to trudge through life,

I catch myself reiterate the pain-inflicting words,

I should have known.

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