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Lord do we only call to You in our distress?
Do we only long for Your salvation on the brink of destruction?
And when in the midst of our suffering,
And at the height of our tribulation,
You take us under Your wing,
We rejoice and praise Your name,
Yet somehow, though by grace we were saved,
We forget the sting of our sin and long to venture back in it,
We reject the salvation You granted us, the salvation we had begged for,
And balk at Your love,
We say at least we won’t be bound! Why should we be kept from these things?
We long to revel in sin once more,
satan makes desirable in our minds what led to our suffering,
what made us cry out for salvation in the first place!
Yet once in security, we claim to be bound by what freed us? Oh how twisted we are!
We are so used to oppression we no longer know what freedom is!
We rely on oppression and depend on deceit!
We lie to ourselves and accept being lied to!
We conform to society’s standards of right and wrong.
What is society but a multitude of people who have no higher understanding than what is natural to them?
And what is natural to them but wickedness?
There are none who are righteous, not one.
Then how can the wicked dictate what is right?
How can we, when we know our own evil thoughts allow the like-minded to rule us and expect good?
Good can only come from God!
How can we being evil produce good? We cannot!
Yet even in this the Lord longs to be gracious to us!
And as the wall of eloquent words we built such as ideals and free choice topples and we cry out for Him once more,
Even though we turned away and willingly left the cover of His wing,
He holds no grudge and allows us to bask in His glory once more.
We are so undeserving!
What word other than grace can describe this?
While we were still sinners He died for us, the wages of sin are death yet He paid our dues!
We aren’t worthy of such abounding love!
How when we long for sin can God long for us?
The Almighty longs for us!
Our own words fall short because God’s word is an all-consuming fire that shows our own attempts at law a farce compared to His perfect way,
Why do we try to fix perfection?
Because though we were made in Gods image, we long to twist God into ours.
And we long duplicity, we want to live in sin but be guaranteed salvation,
But sin and salvation cannot coexist!
Because what we need salvation from is sin!
What binds us is sin!
We can’t be free if we are bound!
How has this obvious truth not been seen?
We try to create a gray area to satiate our sinful longings but still lay up a future in heaven!
Why are we so quick to live in a way that harms us and doesn’t fulfill us?
And see heaven as when happiness finally comes?
When God says abide in Him and He will satisfy us with a long life here on earth!
We can be happy on earth and in heaven!
Why are we so adamant on being miserable here?
Why are we so intent on making ourselves miserable?
When if we merely stay under His wing we can be content?


MVP-Most Valuable Poet

nic epoem

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