I always joke about impressions and lie that I don't heed.

But when camera snaps goes off, it's the fortieth picture I keep.

So there goes my humility. Good-bye shame.

Hi, nice to meet you, my name is Vain.


If you didn’t know, the mirror doesn't lie, but also it never tells the truth.

Do your hair a hundred more times, because the photos are proof.

There’s a glint off a glass window, or a shine from a car,

Honestly, there’s no place I’m safe from beauty adjustment harm.


I think it's undue vanity, some level of insecurity

A possible case of self addiction or just pure insanity.

You’re saying I can look at myself and forget all about time?

Impossible! Preposterous—yet I’ve just committed that crime.


Pluck at the eyebrow, rinse away the grease.

Practice my smile, still my heart's not at ease?

I never quite get it, and an hour ticks by.

The train left, the world ended, but I’m still Polaroid shy.


Okay, I’m done with the bathroom reflection.

But that’s a temporary fact.

I’ll pause, and I’ll grin,

Because I’m already opening the compact.

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