Looking at yourself, seeing someone else
It’s how it always is, how it’ll always be
Is this who you are on the outside?
It’s so different from the inside . . .
So misleading
It makes you mistrust yourself
A brilliant feat of life, indeed
For you cannot trust anyone else
Until you trust yourself
So stop looking in that reflective glass
Stop trying to find who you truly are
When all that shows up is who you’re not
Because nothing can reflect who you really are
Not even that crystal clear circle
Nothing can accurately represent
That inner persona that hides from the light
Cowering from all that is cruel
All that doesn’t accept what it is
But if that part of you doesn’t come out
Then how does it know it’s not accepted?
This is why some of us don’t feel complete
Because if you don’t let yourself live
Then you don’t know what you’re missing
Maybe it’s different from me to you
But I find it hard to believe
Everyone has something to hide
So what if we all let it show, on the outside?
Only then could we see each other
So why not start now?
Find yourself on your own terms
If there seems to be no time, make some
There can always be time
Time for you to define who you want to be
And cast away the distorted image of yourself
In order to make your own
An image true to you
And true to only you


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