That moment you look in the mirror-

Fresh out of a shower, soul still dirty,

Seeing a little bit cleaner,

As you wipe away the steam,

Find yourself somewhere in the gleam.

Then you see the mound of flesh

Under a towel you’ve found your breast.

You wish that steam wasn’t gone.

Becoming what you want will take too long,

You hear the voices in your head,

“You aren’t going to be a man”

Those people in your mind, telling you- you can’t.

But you can, you can, I know you can.

I’m not in your shoes but don’t give up your fight,

The letting go of all you know,

The hate you find when you look beyond the fine-

Line of fabric covering up the truth and the lies.

Soul has no gender,

You don’t play pretend,

When asked what you wanted to be when you grew up?

You said, “A man.”

Your foot is in one door, trying to walk the other way,

But those things in your past want to stay,

Just an old friend calling you by your old name.

You’re not the same, you changed,

They don’t see who you became.

You’re not invincible but you’re just an individual

Stuck in a body, enraged,

You’re a man in layers,

Clothes down to skin,

Biologically you are somebody,

Just not what you think.

The decision that’s been hidden,

In plain sight

It brought you to a place, where you can sleep at night,

And I’m sorry; these words aren’t flesh and bone,

Different you are, but you’re never alone.

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Shavonne Edison

this is so good

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