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mirror of time;

I can see you always

you are a part of my mind 

holding the pains of yesterdays 

I can see the eyes of me


looking back deep within my soul

to everything I know of long ago

When I walk over to the mirror 

that stands so tall in my darken room


I see the lies of he that was once with me

o how that made my heart bleed

like the rushing red sea 

I find myself going over and over

each lying words that he would tell me


My tears would roll down from my eyes

down on my face of yesterdays

I keep on looking in the mirror of time

just to see he eyes looking deep within mine


I hold in my heart and mind 

so much regrets;

I don't have the words I truly want to say

I feel as if time had stopped

and left me marked

deep down in my heart,


I could see his eyes looking over me 

while he laughs as I cry 

while he cycles pains in my mind

I could still feel his ever touch 

o how I hate that so much,


I go down on my knees

while my heart bleeds

while my own eyes look back at me 

in the mirror of time 

battling away on my faith 


like I have been locked away in a cage

like a bird hoping to be free 

into the mirror, I did see 

Angel of love locking back at me 

the light that shines so bright

gave me hope for better days.


Poetic Judy Emery © 1980


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