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Mirror Talk


For a while

I’ve been saying what I don’t truly know

I thought I made myself

A long time ago

Looking in a reflection

Hoping my thoughts won’t worsen

Why do I keep looking in a mirror

If I keep seeing the same person

‘Cause you’re so self-conscious and think you’re strong

But you’re still a weakling

Don’t’ worry that’s not me

But my conscience speaking

You thought you were done molding

But ran out of clay

How could you assume that

And not give me any say

I am done…I think

Or at least I hope what I think is true

You think too much

Why don’t you stop thinking and just do

I need to think now

Because my mind’s corrupt

You wouldn’t have to think

If you just opened up

Every action and reaction

Would come based off instinct

What happens will happen

In the end who cares what others think

I still have problems

That have made my mind their home

So what you started handling other people’s problems

Before handling your own?

Such a nice boy for all to enjoy

A listener not a talker

As if a mindless toy

You’re the mentor the friend the helper

The psychiatrist

As if a hero you help those in need

I dare you to find a lie in this

But to whom does a hero turn

When he can't save the day?

Tell me whom can a listener talk to

When he has something to say?

That you have to find

The answers are always hidden

Why is the “easy door” open to all

But to me it is forbidden?

You wont find the key

Locked within a square

If you wont choose truth

Then at least choose dare

Speaking with so many metaphors

I don’t even know what you’re saying

In other words life’s a game

And you’re not even playing

Why play a game

In which all the players cheat

When each one is beaten

It will prove a larger feat

They are like a virus

And this shell is for my own protection

Ask yourself “from what?”

Some thrill its been being your reflection

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