Mirror Mirror


Mirror mirror on the wall
who's the fairest of them all

And the mirror replied
my dear my dear
why do you ask
for I've told you the truth
and yet you make this a task

Mirror mirror please tell me
why am I not as sweet
as the honey from the honeybee

And the mirror replied
why ask such complex things
when the answer I give
pain is all it brings

Mirror mirror 
as genuine as can be
what exactly do you see 
when you look at me

seeing the girl near tears
The mirror replied
why not turn around 
and see with your own eyes

as the girl did so
a light so blinding
knocked her to her knees
with a big strong booming voice replying
what do you see

why my Lord
the girl replied
what do I see
I see such beauty, grace, 
love beyond compare
why I see so much
its hard not to stare

Exactly my child
your heart is what you see
for your heart
is pure, like mine

but my mirror over here
tells me I'm worthy or beautiful
cant you see
I'm nothing like you
I'm just me

then she covered her ears
at the sound of a dreadful crash
then the voice returned and said
never mind what the mirror once said 
for it only brought you dread

but I'm here to bring
great joy to every girl and boy
no one is perfect
as you can see
but you can be happy
if you just accept me


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