Mirror, Mirror


I stare into a shattered mirror.

The echoes of a woman I can never be looks on as I stare at her.

Her stomach's flat.

She has a thigh gap.

Her smile's sincere.

A grin ear to ear.

Her eyes glisten.

All sorrow's missing.

She's beautiful--

Simply wonderful--

But something's gone.

She has no sun--

No inner glow--

It's as if she head North for the winter.

There's a cold uniformity within her.

I would rather stay South.

Where is the irony of a small smile hiding my big mouth?

Where is the one crooked curl that cascades down my cheek?

Is it covered in the straight line she seeks?

Where is any and everything that made me me?

Who else could it be?

Why do I look like someone else?

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