Mirror, Mirror

“Mirror, mirror

On the wall--

My thighs are touching

But I’ve got no curves at all.

My lips aren’t full

My lashes aren’t long

My stomach is flabby

My arms aren’t strong.

My feet aren’t petit

My fingers are fat

My butt is too square

My chest is too flat.

My face has too many freckles

My teeth aren’t white

My forehead has pimples

My nose isn’t right.

My hair is frizzy

My shoulders slump

My legs are too pale

My back has a hump.”

The mirror responds

With a voice of appeal

“Pictures are lies--

You are ideal.

None of it’s true

It’s all fantasy

You are perfect

You’re reality.”


The mirror continues

As a fairy godmother might

“You’re much more than pictures my dear--

Your laughter is like light.

You look after young ones

With care like a mother

Your skill in sports

Is matched by no other.

You’re a dedicated student

You’re sharp as can be

You’re always so cheerful

You're kind indeed.

You work hard and long

Without distraction

Your honest advice

Gives deep satisfaction.

You craft the best meals

You bake the tastiest sweets

You brighten up trips

You’re smile is a treat.”


The mirror then addresses

Men beyond who catcall:

“Don’t you forget, boys--

That barbies are dolls.

And girls are not your toys.”


If I had the power

I’d enchant every mirror

That just for an hour

If only for a day

Women would understand

Every one is perfectly made.


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