Mirror Me

No one wants a broken mirror. No one wants all the cuts, that comes with the broken pieces. No one wants to be the one to try an glue the pieces back together. If you try to glue them back together, they’ll just break again. “Maybe it’s the glue”, so they try something different. They use a method that has their 100℅ faith. But,…. No surprise it didn’t work. They don’t realize that the mirror was special, beautiful, like no other they ever seen.

This mirror wasn’t broken before. This mirror was selfless, it gave and gave. The mirror was strong, it has ambition, self confidence. The mirror just wanted everyone to see how beautiful they are, inside and out. How they ARE strong, all the goodness they can do. This mirror didn’t realize how if you give too much, you can break. It started to crack piece by piece. Tried to fix herself.

No one could know about her cracks. How she breaks inside. How she hope for glue strong enough to fix her cracks. No one made the glue she needed. Then they saw. Saw her cracks , her pain, her hurt and her suffering. After the cracks are shown they see. They see her past, her cry for help, and the ones who turn away.

So she broke, she shattered. She went everywhere, she lost all the pieces that made her, her. She lost the skill to hide her cracks from the world. She broke, but no one cares. No one want the challenge to try an find all her pieces, and put her back together.

Everyone wanted what she had, but no one wanted her cracks and lost pieces. They only wanted their reflection of themselves. No one looks for glue, they just found new mirrors to break. The mirror now knows that no can fix her cracks, she has to. She has to be the one to find all her broken pieces and make art with them. The mirror will be okay. She been hiding her cracks for years. “I will make my own glue, only for me”.

She’ll put herself back together piece by piece. She didn’t find all her old pieces, she found stronger piece, she’ll use extra glue. She’s not in any rush. She wants her reflection, not theirs. Day by day she put one piece at a time. Careful to make sure to stays in place. She not willing to let them break her. She knows they will try an break her, but this mirror is stronger than before.

Is this Mirror you?

The mirror was always beautiful, smart,and loved. She didn’t see all of her blessings, the ones who truly loved her. She broke, but she get up, which isn’t an easy process. She had to reevaluate everything she know. Change to what she wanted to look like.

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