Look into a mirror.

What do you see? Your eyes, your nose, your lips, arms, legs, thighs. You just see your body. You see what everyone else sees. But what they can't see is what's inside you. But you feel it. You can feel every emotion that builds up inside you. Envy? Pain? Love?  Compassion? Hate? happiness, loneliness, you feel everything. But what about them? Do they understand what you feel? Can they feel what you feel? Or do you feel alone? Do you feel as if you’re the only one going through all this pain alone? You feel as if you’re trapped in a shell of loneliness and anxiety unable to break free because the walls are too thick to break. Whispers and words surround your mind making fall deeper into the hole of insanity. While this is happening on the inside, what's happening on the outside. You seem so fine. But really you're hiding. You’re hiding because you're afraid. Afraid of what people will think like you're some kind of monster. You hide inside the storage of your phone or under that sweater, you wear in that ninety-degree weather. It’s not like you're doing this on purpose but only you could fall at least you're alive. You want others to know but you can't bring yourself to speak out. So…...you leave it alone letting it build up over time. Seconds turn into minutes, minutes turn into hours, hours turn into days, days to weeks, weeks to months, months to years until……….you reach it, your breaking point. You’re just so tired of it all to a point that you don’t care if you live or not. So you do it. You end everything letting every ounce of emotion slowly drain out your body. How does it feel? Do you feel free now? Maybe your mind is finally free of all the voices. You’re finally happy again….But what about them? What about the people that cared about you. Look what you did! You’re making them suffer now because of your selfish decision! You didn’t want anyone to suffer right? Low look what you did. You have to watch them bury your lifeless body six feet under. What now? You can’t do anything to help them. You’re dead! Gone! You're nothing now! You lost! You let time win! You let the only thing that could take you at any second win! Why didn’t you open your damn mouth!? Why did you let time win?


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