The Mirror

I walk a path both dark and dreary

As I ponder long, worn and weary:

Who am I?


Love I’ve found and lost again

For I could not but take a stand

Who am I?


Could I have reaped what I had not sown?

Could I have had her for my own?

Who am I?


Alas, the truth seems far away

I fear I will forever say,

Who am I?


I find a sign upon my journey

A mirror upon which words I see:

Who am I?


The sudden urge to look inside

But yet the fear to fully find

Who am I?


And now I look with trembling soul

My eyes grow big to see the whole

Who am I?


Things beyond by deepest fear

I find now are but far to near

Who am I?


Darkness, vileness, depravity

Words to dire for me to speak

Who am I?


This glass reveals my abysmal sin

The horrors of my heart within

Who am I?


Anger. Doubt. How can this be?

What you have shown – it is not me

Who am I?


Misery and darkness all around

For I know the truth I have now found

Who am I?


But through the dark a voice I hear

Look again and do not fear

Who are you?


I look again fearing to find

More of the darkness deep inside

Who am I?


Yet not a dark and fearful sight

But I see a hope a gleam of light

Who am I?


I see a cross and now a man

The I AM holds out nail-pierced hands

And now I know

Who I am.

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I love this so much. It's such a great use of rhyming and repetition.

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