The Minotaur Speaks

Tue, 04/29/2014 - 00:22 -- kmw1995


By woe taken, but why? But how?

Cry not! Be crowned!

Dionysus his bride will make.



Furnished, you will wear robes sewn in

Gold, as the gift

Handsome Theseus here received.


“In tribute let

Just Athens’ sons and daughters face

King of Crete’s rage—

Labyrinth death for them,” decree said.


Monstrous Minos—

Not I, no—ordered their murders.

Oh! Devoured….

Please, sister, know: life is chaos.


Quick, you trusted,

Romanced too: thread and sword given—

Slay the henchman!

Then left the hero, Theseus.


Underworld’s sin:

Villains judge; innocent souls reaped.

Why do you weep?

Xanthus knows not for me but him.


Yet if Wine’s wife, live death with stars,

Zoned not in Tartarus’ heart.


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