Minor Spirit

The fairness isn't really fair
There’s nothing real with all your flair
You can't reclaim love with who was your pair
Because who was special is now with Clair

but that consciousness still cares

The fumes, the sparks, the bright lights
you could have it all like yachty, for more than "one night"
You feel it and the fun of it

But millions more in the big sea are waiting to see
just another little pebble trying to avoid the big fish
How do I make a decision
When Everyone around me is viscous
I don’t want to see
Take this spotlight away

blind it for me

I’ll lead myself my own way
Stress is what I would like less
Less to see, less to hear, less to speak
Every little thing is now not safe
So why not go ahead, call it lights out and sleep
All a denial
what is the word survival

gave the rest and best

but my ego is my rival

god how he likes that bad lifstyle

your book is what is saving me from that assult rifle 

"are you stupid"


but its whatever

so I'll just let it be



And the camera people tell me

"smile please"

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Our world
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