(written 6/2/2015)

A furious cold envelopes my envious starving flesh

In the same way that the crying streetlights flood the earth in clouded salty tears

Rushing waters flash like lightning past your window

And break the double-paned glass like faulty foundation

It never had a fighting chance against such a disastrous tragedy

A room once brimming with energy

With memories of blessings

Before our lives grew nasty curses like a grouchy fungus ripping your flesh at the seams

A room now full of pure blue water; clear like the mirror that shows what we hate

Walls crumble to their knees and succumb to the ceaselessly growing sea

Screams rumble from the pit of my aching stomach

I hold them back like my feet at the edge of the curb; watching the water tell a story

Bring yourself to accept that the water has an imagination more wild than the wildest mind

She will be the rooftop of the universe

Her blood spills as waterfalls do

Out into the stars she will go after she makes your forlorn street her sidewalk

And your home becomes her hiding place

Stars in a frigid black canopy fall under her reign

She is queen and her majesty drowns planets and comets burn out like old light bulbs in fading lamps

Sea of violent beauty has not overstayed her welcome on earth

Earth has overstayed her welcome in the universe

Everyone is pulled under in sweet dismay

Fear fades and dead faces mimic solace

She cries because the moon sent her away like the princess does the servant

Time and time again

Tears shaking like drum beats too close to bleeding ears

Sea, oh that sea… She begs the moon to love her vast mournful soul

So full yet so empty without the love of the moon

Moon, oh that moon, he placed her under violent dominion

She would take no more that sea who had been suppressed too long

Like rising heart rates in overwhelmed children who pretend their lives aren’t like a noose

“If I cannot have you,” warned the sea, “No one can.”

That was when her eyes dried like those deserts now under sea sovereignty

She would take no more, She would take no more

Never more

So she swallowed the universe as her final meal of eternal satisfaction

If the moon wouldn’t love her, no one would ever love the moon again

She burnt out the sun, the moon, the stars

All was quiet


She found peace in her greatest destructive tragedy; she laughed


This poem is about: 
Our world


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