Elizabeth, meaning the “Oath of God,” or “God’s satisfaction.”

A girl who is supposed to be beautiful and feminine.

Who is supposed to rein queen,

to guide and lead,

while also being able to woo powerful men,

so she can bear powerful children.


I am none of these things.


I am awkward and ungainly.

Anything I touch seems to break or dissipate.

I do not fit into one certain category.


Society seems to shun me,

Because I am myself.


I went by “Elizabeth” for way too long.

I let my peers define who I am,

because of a simple name.


I am Liz.

I am sensitive, which causes me dismay.

I like my conversations to be short and sweet.

I hate being the center of attention.


I am not going to join a “cult of identity.”


I am frustrated

Because I am obligated

To be something that is


In the eyes of society


A mimicking mindless mime.


We live in a world

Where first impressions are everything.

If you do not have a sparked interest, then what do you have?

The “benefit of the doubt” does not exist.

The dimples in your cheeks

Or the specks of blue in your eyes

Can determine who will love you

For the rest of your life.


Or maybe your name on a list.


What if Dennis Smiles wanted to be on Broadway,

And not examining teeth for the next forty years of his life?

Or maybe Usain Bolt wanted to a pilot,

And not an olympic runner?


Their names appeal to their careers.

They aren’t coincidences like originally thought.

They were destined to one another

Like how bees are drawn to lilacs.


I will not be that feminine flower like my name states I will be.

I will be different.

I will be myself.


The vibe I create may cause confusion

Because I am not an illusion

I am just a girl who is different,

Who is misplaced,

but has an intention

To change the minds of those

Who are lost.


Don’t you dare judge a book by its cover,

Because one day,

Their analysis will be on you.


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