A state of being without the mind

A state I hope to never find

For I cannot live without my mind


Each memory alights within its bounds

Like the moments cherished from quiet nights

And the sweet ones that bring gentle warmth

Even the sorrowed ones born of spite

Lie within  



State of being without the mind

State I never hope to find

I cannot live without my mind


Each work of art arises from its depths

Like the haunting melody of lyric sound 

And the sinuous steps across a stage 

Even the written words paper bound 

Lie within 



Of being without the mind

I never hope to find 

Cannot live without my mind 


Each spoken word develops in its confines

Like the passionate breath that speaks only truth 

And the sharp tongue of bitter brawls 

Even the jesting laughter of one’s youth

Lies within



Being without the mind

Never hope to find

Live without my mind


Each feeling spawns from its desires

Like the piercing love of the captured heart

And the joyous glow of mornings new

Even the shadowed gasp when torn apart

Lies within



Without the mind 

Hope to find 

Without my mind 


Each slice of knowledge is contained in its grasp 

Like observant eye of the flower bloom

And the curious hunt for age old clues

Even ideas unknown that none assume 

Lie within



The mind

To find

My mind


Each step according to its command 

Like the spontaneous dance in the falling rain

And the march of freedom drumming around

Even the hobbling spawned by age’s cane

Lies within








Each part of oneself is defined in its berth

Like the wondering gaze of hopeful dreams

And the inquiring desire to know the world

Even the anxiety bursting at all seams

Lies within 



Who am I with no mind?


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