Have you fallen so deep, to where you can’t catch your breath?


Have you fallen so deep, to where you think it’s all in your head?


It’s not just all up there, no one can ever be prepared


Because when you open up your mind


The impossible is what you find


So have you opened up your heart, lied it on the line


Left it, for anybody to seek


Left your love, for a stranger to keep


Have you, left yourself out there?


And now are you in the shelter of the abyss, somewhere



I’ve found you before, and I shall again


Because where ‘x’ last marked the spot


Is where this new chapter begins


When we get back up together


Oh, we’ll face this big world like it’s now or never


Now or never, you’re a star with a shine that will last forever--



I know it’s hard to find peace


When you’re the light in this misery


This story


This life


This crazy, world that no one else like us has seen, so I can’t describe


Why I


Feel like this


And lately, I’ve noticed


Happiness and pain has a way of feeling all the same


People, places, the faces always seem to change


But we know their game


They’ll knock us down again--


And we’ll force ourselves to pretend, that we didn’t notice


How come it’s always everything we notice that we don’t understand--?



I need a bre-ak


Let’s fly awa-ay


Headed for the next dimension, maybe that’s where we’re from--


Because, if in this world is people who know what we do


People who breathe our air


We have yet to meet them


Only the future knows who we are



*time makes everything go so fast, memories too bittersweet to last, hold on to this one last moment, while we still have hands to hollldd itttt*repeat twice



Keep this fresh in your mind


Like the rest, one day we’ll go back and find


The day that you met me 


The day we had to say goodbye


Every twisted thought


We saved each other more than a million times


All of the mistakes we made, started with a kiss in the rain


From then on, it was lost love


Fought over everything dumb


Once we even got caught up in this world


We almost went blind-


We, almost, lost our minds--


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